Starting in September, I will deliver sermon from Acts.

We finished the series of sermon on Ten Commandments last week. As we started this series on the second week of February, it took exactly 6 months to finish this series. But because I did not deliver sermons on the first week of every month, there were total of 18 sermons on this series. I thought about delivering two sermons on the last commandment and finish with a summary sermon to end on the last week of August, but it seemed like it was taking too long so I finished this series last week.

In reality, Ten Commandments are not easy topics to be used as the summon topics in our church. Without exception, our members are very passionate about our faith and to continue to give a message of rebuke to you contained in these commandments is not easy thing to do. Maybe because of this, when we covered the strong topics like adultery or murder, the number that came forward for prayers after these sermons were smaller than normal. But it was necessary to cover these at least once and many have expressed gratitude for covering these topics to me.

For next few weeks, with a spirit of taking it easy, I will deliver several topical sermons and then I will cover Acts in my sermons starting in September. When I researched our church records, Acts was covered by Pastor Young-Gi Chai when he first took up the pulpit in this church a long time ago, and most of you probably have not heard on this book. It is also a book of history so it will be very interesting and should be very helpful in our Christian life.

Book of Acts had a great influence on me personally when I first believed in Jesus and has a great meaning for me. At that time when I decided to believe in Jesus, I started to read from a Gideon bible that was running around in our house that was given freely by someone else. As I was reading Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John in order, I began to realize who Jesus was. But the stories seem to repeat in these books as well, but when the bible continued on to Acts, it was an eye-opening experience. I began to realize the power that Christianity had as a religion, and I felt a stirring inside me. And this overwhelming feeling helped me to discover salvation as I was reading Romans. As we study the history of early Christianity, I hope that we can discover the power and ability of Christianity together.

Another thing, from now on as we deliver expository sermons on a bible book, I requested for our Chief Bible Study Leader to use the bible study time during House church meeting to prepare for the coming Sunday sermon. Many have commented to me that instead of covering different topics during the House church meeting time, it was helpful to study the verses to be used during the Sunday sermon ahead. Especially for the beginning Christians or VIPs, it would be helpful for them to have read the scriptures before listening to the sermons. I also felt this need when I was covering Romans in the past and from now on, whenever I will deliver sermons from a bible book, I will follow this practice.

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