Season for Life Bible Course is Back

I feel the need to distinguish the term ‘House Church’ we use from that of China or the United States and from various other ways the term is being used. In order to clarify the difference we say ‘House Church that is restoring the New Testament church based on the 3 axes, 4 columns.’ The 4 columns are like the software in a computer and refer to the 4 types of spirits needed in the New Testament church. The 3 axes is like the computer platform that allows the software to run and refer to 3 basic necessities for the New Testament church to flourish: House Church Meetings, Bible Life Courses, and Sunday House Churches United Service.

Therefore, individual members as well as the church need to balance these three necessities in order to experience the powerful change that existed in the New Testament church. We commonly say that the minds of human beings are a combination of knowledge, feeling, and will. All 3 areas need to be touched in order for us to change. The 3 Axes fulfill such needs. People share their lives in House Church Meeting, and by exchanging love for one another the feeling component is satisfied. But this is not enough. The knowledge component needs to be fed, and Life Bible Courses meet such needs. And once feeling and knowledge have been fulfilled, then will starts to stir. Sunday service gives boost to such will, which is the devoting heart.

House church balances these 3 areas and facilitates change, so our lives need to be balanced in House Church Meeting, Life Courses, and Sunday service as well. For example, you might have questions that might arise in House Church Meeting answered through Life Bible Courses. When you do not have faith, taking life courses according to the level of your faith will provide guidance and learning on how you should live. All the Life Bible Courses including the Living Life Bible course are designed to answer questions that arise in different phases of one’s faith.

Also, House Church is where you can practice what you have learned in Life Courses. You practice what you have learned according to the measure of your faith and train yourself to love and serve others. So for 1 week you live as you learned and take 1 day out of the week to come to God through Sunday service to meet and feel His presence. You take the time to put your past week’s life in order and go back into the world. When these three things are in balance, we will continuously change.

Starting today, the registration for all of the Life Course are starting. I hope for everyone to at least take one course that fits their need. If you have taken all the courses we offer already, it would be a good idea to retake some of them. When we take a course, it is hard to understand 60% of its content so when you retake a course, you will still be able to find new understanding. Starting with the Shepherd, if all the House Church members were to take a life course together and practice what they have learned in their lives and share that in House Church Meeting, I am sure our lives will become richer for the rest of the year.

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