Research Months for Our Staffs”

Before I assumed the position of senior pastor, I enjoyed one year of free time, studying and traveling as I needed. Since I’ve had almost no free time since I went to seminary in January 2000, this one year helped me a lot in many ways. Five months I spent in libraries studying all day helped me a lot, and the time I spent visiting around missionary posts, other organizations, and churches opened my eyes and widened my perspective.

Of course having this long time would not be possible for all our ministers, but I think they also need it somehow. For they need self-development and time to maintain their leadership status, to think about their respective departments’ direction in the future. Accordingly, I propose that all our ministers except the senior pastor have about a month and half to rest and widen their perspectives after serving six years. It sounds like a sabbatical month since it comes after six years’ serving, but I’d like to call it a research month because this special month is designed more for research for further ministry rather than just for rest.

The main purpose of the research month is to prepare for the next six years’ ministry. Accordingly, one month will be used for any necessary education in their respective areas and the rest half month for rest. But this period cannot be prolonged with any of their vacation days. They also need to submit a research plan and it should be approved by the senior pastor. For example, leisurely taking a single morning course and spending the rest of the day sightseeing and meeting friends in LA for a month does not really qualify. A really well-thought of plan and schedule will be required so that anybody can see that this period is for recharge and training for further ministry.

Accordingly, pastor Grace Paick will have her research month from mid-August to the end of September since she has served six years by last November. According to her, because she received all her education in children’s ministry here in the States, she had desired to further her understanding of unique Korean educational spirit and system. So she plans to go to Korea to learn more about it. She will participate in some programs such as a seminar for toddler and a motherhood parenting program, both held in a mega church in Korea, and she will also visit several churches and schools. Many others will serve and do her job while she is away; let’s support her research by helping each other and working in harmony.

It is a month and half after the first six years’ of serving, but after the second six years, the research month will be longer so that deeper recharge and training can be possible.

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