Renovation of the Cafeteria and Our Office Area

We all have felt that our cafeteria is getting too small for us. We all come earlier on Sundays to find enough space for our house church members to sit together after Sunday services. Right now, it is much better because lots of us are visiting Korea during vacation. But I heard that some unpleasant remarks are exchanged over the tables when more then 600 members attend the first service. It is also regrettable toask people to leave early so that others coming for the second service can have enough parking spaces.

To solve this problem, we plan to renovate our cafeteria. We will utilize the space between the cafeteria and the kid’s ministry (where outside tables are placed now) and use this space as a wing to our cafeteria. It will look great with glass walls (through which we can see our children play in the playground), and we will have about 300 hundred seats more as well. But the side gates beside the indoor playground will be closed to secure our children’s safety. They will be emergency exits only.

This new wing will be used for many other purposes. We can use it for our welcoming party for the new members, all-shepherds meeting, and other meetings. In our revival services, parents with infants (too young for our daycare system) can watch the revival services on screen while they take care of their infants. We can also use it for a small wedding reception or the classroom for our bible studies.

We don’t really have any alternatives for our parking lot problem right now, but we are permitted to use 130 parking spaces in the elementary school next to NLF on Sundays. If some of us who come early on Sundays for the first service and intend to stay after the second service park there and walk a little way, we will not have any immediate concerns about parking spaces. We will start a campaign right after this renovation.

One more thing is about our office area. We will renovate it (right now it is somewhat crowded) to maximize the space and upgrade working condition; all walls between offices will be pulled down to make a spacious office area. We can then have more desks and place some sofas. Under this plan, the current hallway from our main sanctuary to the cafeteria will be no more; we need to walk abound inside next to our mailboxes or outside next to the playground to get to the cafeteria.

I was told that these renovations would take about four weeks starting this Monday. While the construction is going on, some inconvenience cannot be helped, but after everything is done, we will have more space in our cafeteria and everything will look wonderful and organized.

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