Recent report of my wife and daughter

Not long ago, my sister-in-law came to Houston for 3 weeks to see my daughter’s graduation. She suffers from eye disease called RP just like my wife. Both of them started having symptoms at around the same age and since she is three years older than my wife, I could see her and estimate the condition of my wife three years later. When I went to Korea and see her for a short time, I could not tell her level of sight impediment, but this time as we spent more time together, I could see her condition better.

She stayed in my house for 3 weeks, but as she walks toward bedroom from the living room, she could not tell the distance and bump into wall. Since she could not see food on the table, she could not eat without help from others. That is why her favorite food is gimbap (dried seaweed roll) or sandwich. Since she cannot enjoy food which she cannot see on the table she feels more comfortable with eating food like gimbab or sandwich since she knows what is in it and she can eat it easily. When I realized that, I was touched by her situation.

Her condition is about the same as my wife where she cannot see the person’s face or read things. However, my wife has little bit of outline sense and she can tell light and through the light she can tell shapes of matters. This makes a big difference between them and that is why my wife can still do many activities independently. For the last 2 years, my prayer request for 333 was my wife’s sight would not go any worse. When I see my wife and her sister, I feel that God is holding on to the progress of the sight deterioration as answer to that prayer. I really appreciate to those who prayed for my wife’s sight and grateful for her current condition.

As I tell you about my wife, I want to talk about my daughter also. As I wrote that she just graduated from college majoring human development and early childhood and her goal was to work in hospitals, some ask me whether my daughter is going to go to a medical school or whether she is in psychology or counseling area. The major she studied is not psychology, but belongs to college of science, which is a rather new area. These days, in children’s hospital, they do not treat sickness only, but there are specialists who try to prevent possible problems or side effects to children and their families.

For example, if a child has a cancer, they work on certain measure so that the news or treatment won’t be too damaging. Even in the case of death, these specialists develop and perform project for them to accept the facts and will be able to learn to overcome it. This major needs to have practice and internship at the hospital after 4 years college education. Then, she can get a license as a specialist, but for now there are not that many opportunities. Currently, she applied for internship to many hospitals and is working in a dental office temporarily.

We need to understand that achieving goal is not according to our plan but God’s work along with our effort. For that end, we may have to pray for a long time, listen to Him and wait for Him. This will be a great chance for my daughter to learn the life lesson that sometimes God causes my plan to fold and sometimes He opens a new door.

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