Please make a small sacrifice for your neighbor

The new fellowship hall is completed. As it was announced by the building committee, this space will be used for various functions. It will be used as a place for people who can participate revival or New Year’s Eve program through video while tending young children. Also, it will be used for smaller events such as welcome party for new members or monthly mokja meeting. The space can be used for bible study classes since some classes has the high number of attendees or require projector and the Living life class room on the second floor isonly room to meet this requirement.

Also, starting from October of this year, it is under consideration to use this space for the classes for layman’s seminar. In that case, all the effort of removing and arranging chairs in the sanctuary is not necessary anymore and the new fellowship hall will also offer a better setting. Most of all, by adding about 300 seats, the space solved the chronic overcrowding in the fellowship hall and the congregation can enjoy fellowship with greater ease.

However, not all the problem is solved. One remaining issue is the shortage of parking space.While people who attend the 1st service are enjoying fellowship, worshipers who come for the second service cannot find a parking spot and end up being tardy for the service! That is why the announcement is being made on 11:20 am to encourage people to stop the fellowship and leave church, but as you can imagine, it is not very friendly. On top of that, due to the new and roomy fellowship addition, the congregation may spend more time with each other which makes the problem ofthe shortage in parking space worse.

We tried to come up with some solutions with this situation. Currently, the best option is to use the parking lot of the elementary school which is cross the street from New Life Fellowship. The school has 90 parking space in front and 50 more on the back. If 90 cars of our congregation who worship during the first worship period would use the parking space in the school and walk over to church, the problem of parking space shortage maybe solved. Therefore, during the next couple of weeks, we will collect a written commitment from the 1st service participants, who would volunteer to park off site. We need about 90 volunteers. Once this is established, people who come for the 2nd service would not have too much trouble finding a parking space.

Coming to church 5 minutes earlier, park off site and walk through NLF building is not too much trouble to most people. The additional distance is about same distance between SBC sanctuary to NLF sanctuary. In perspective our church’s parking situation is not too bad compared to other churches. To attend service at Yeuido Baptist church in Seoul, people have to park very far away, walk quite a distance, climb tens of steep stairs and walk additional some hundreds meters. Still they feel blessed if they can only find a parking spot! Not only in Seoul, butmany of the churches in the big cities share the same issues of parking space shortage.

Commitment form will be placed in the 1st service attendee’s mail box. The commitment period is for one year. We will call for volunteers again next year. I believe the service would be more blessing to those who park off site and walk to the service because of their small sacrifice for their neighbor.

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