One Stubborn Person

One of the favorite things we do is to call ourselves “One Stubborn person” proudly. This phrase means that I have an opinion, a point of view, and that I know exactly what I want and is used with good intentions. It may not be wrong to say this. If you examine many successful people, they tend to have strong opinions. No matter what others say, they are not shaken in their belief and pushes through when they think they are right to obtain the results. They are not tempted to try this and that but stubbornly concentrate on one thing to become successful. In comparison, someone that is influenced easily here and there by others is in danger to waster their life.

But it also is true that being stubborn has a dangerous element. It tends to indicate that you are not flexible or does not easily accept other’s opinions and can become narrow-minded. When you examine many stubborn persons, they tend to be limited by their narrow thoughts and live a limited life. In comparison, when you accept other’s opinions and learn when there are things to learn, this will allow your perspective to become wider and your life can become so much richer. Sometimes I think a person may become so much freer and happier if they lay down their stubbornness and learn from others.

Another meaning to being stubborn is being disharmonious, and this leads to difficult relationships. Stubborn people tend to have difficult relationships with their spouses or children, or forcibly control others and continue to cause hurt to others. This results in them living without knowing the happiness and meaning of life. Just like a wilted flower.
However, the most dangerous thing about being stubborn is that this can keep you from meeting God. Or if you are a believer, this will make you a disobedient person to God. We can find such a person easily around us. If one married person begins to attend church, and receive grace and find joy in life, we are happy for them.
However, the person’s spouse may refuse to come to church. Even if the member wants earnestly to attend church with his or her spouse, we sometimes see that the person stubbornly continue to refuse. When this happens, I wonder what makes that person refuse to do one simple thing that will make his/her spouse happy. We also read in bible about people that become disobedient unintentionally when they insist on their opinion. Israelites did not intentionally disobey God, but went against God’s desires after insisting on their own way. Each time, God called them “Stubborn and Stiff-necked people.”

Then when should we be stubborn? If we hear after the fact that we were faithful, then it probably was necessary. Other than that we need to stop being stubborn, become more flexible and become broad-minded people.

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