On Preparing House Church Seminar for Pastors

There are only two days left until House Church Seminar for Pastors. Countless pastors had attended this seminar since our church and other churches held it for a decade. And for our 99th seminar this year, as always, lots of pastors are coming from all around the world.

In total, 153 pastors have registered for this year’s House Church Seminar for Pastors (134 pastors for Korean-spoken seminar and 19 pastors for English-spoken seminar in NLF). And this year, we have more pastors coming from overseas; our attendees come from total of 20 countries including Korea. Some come from New Zealand, Ecuador, and Ukraine. That we still have this many attendees even after our past senior pastor Choi’s retirement means high expectation for our church.

As you know, the Seminar begins with a banquet on Tuesday evening and lasts until Saturday, following a tight schedule. Accordingly, please pray for me and pastor Eric Shin. We deliver lectures all days until Saturday, and we need to prepare our Sunday sermons in between lectures. Also, pray that the Holy Spirit guides people who give testimonies, we have all volunteers signed-up in time, and all serving people work in harmony.

I especially hope to see new members of our church volunteer for this seminar. Some might think that this kind of volunteer work is for old members only, but that’s simply not true. It is more exciting when new members willingly volunteer and serve. You can sign up by hours, so please check the volunteer board for more specifics. This is a great way for new members to get familiar with our church and its family.

But most important is to honestly show our Mokjangs to attending pastors. It might not be very convenient to meet one more time this week on Wednesday, but when we show our Mokjangs honestly and candidly to them, attending pastors can clearly see how we create our new family through Mokjangs, and their sacrifice of time and money made to attend this seminar will be truly paid off. All will be valuably used to build up healthy churches in this world.

Very soon after I came to Houston and began to attend our church as a layperson, I had a chance to host a pastor on half of my Mokja who had some unavoidable emergency. I remember how excited and joyful my wife and I were in cleaning our apartment and organizing and arranging our master bedroom to accommodate him. I felt sure that Abraham must have felt the same way when he ran to travellers to invite them to his tent and when he killed a fatted calf for them. I am sure all Mokjas felt the same way at that time. Let us remember what we felt at that time and do our best for visiting pastors. Abraham thought that he offered hospitality to travellers, but in fact, these travellers were God. God will again come to us in the form of visitors.

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