My Itinerary for This Week

I’ve had full schedules for outside visits since September to the end of October. This week, I attend the 2013 SBTC Annual Meeting and go to Nicaragua, one of our missionary fields. These are the minimum schedules from those I have postponed since last year, but many events happen mostly in September and October. At least, I am grateful I am in Houston on Sundays.

I decided to go for a mission trip every year. I believe that I need to be there to have a dream God will put in my heart. I chose Nicaragua, where our missionary Sanggeun Lee serves, for this year, and planned to join our Nicaragua mission team. I thought I could spend some days there before I visit other missionary fields in the South America. But my plans changed when I received a phone call from the SBTC (The Southern Baptist Texas Convention).

From tonight to Tuesday, there will be the 2013 SBTC Annual Meeting in Amarillo, TX. The phone call was to ask me if I could give my testimony on the last day evening. At the SBTC Annual Meeting, two persons usually give testimony on the last day evening, and they want me to the first one. In addition, they asked me to give public prayer at the very end of the annual meeting. I am a current Executive Board member, and I am grateful that my position gave me this great chance. I am afraid that the Southern Baptists have experienced a gradual decline. I hope to use this chance to talk about great things God has achieved through our church.

There are unique characteristics in our church: we have several qualified educational pastors but no vice pastor churches of our size usually have; Our lay church members serve every need in our church (no staff exclusively for the senior pastor); Although Houston’s Korean community is small, so many people are saved through our church annually that we are one of the top ten churches for this good work in the Southern Baptist Convention (including all American churches); A lot of members participate in missionary works, and our church spends more than 40 percent of our budget on mission trips, our community, and other outside works. I would like to introduce these unique characteristics and want to emphasize that it is the house church that has made all of these great things possible. Please pray for me that I may deliver this message effectively, and pastors from American churches get interested in the house church. I think I will give the last public prayer both in Korean and English. In fact, they told me that it was okay to pray in Korean. I think it is because Korea’s status is greatly enhanced.

After the Annual Meeting on Tuesday night, I will attend the Executive Board meeting, and leave for Nicaragua directly from there. Of course, I need to transfer in Houston. I will arrive at Nicaragua on Wednesday night, and work with our missionary team on Thursday. On Friday, I will visit several places around Nicaragua, and leave on Saturday morning. I will come back to Houston on Saturday afternoon.

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