My Daily Routine

Sometimes, I noticed that church members do not know my work schedule or activity and are surprised to hear that I am busy.  Since they see me on Sunday, they may think that I am busy only on Sundays.  Therefore, I want to inform you of my daily routine.  I do not mean to brag about it.  It is offered only for a better understanding.

Normally, I get up at 4:30am to come to church.  5 am to 8 am is my prayer time.  Then, I spend some time for physical exercise.  I used to go to LA Fitness for swimming, but it took too much time so these days I mainly do indoor weight training for about an hour.

Monday mornings, I handle administrative work such as reading though Dedication Cards, New member welcome letters or other letters.  Almost every Monday and often Tuesday, I have meetings over lunch.   Twice a month I have a meeting with village leaders.  Otherwise, I have interviews with shepherds or visiting pastors.  It is usually after 3 pm when I return from those lunch meetings.  The remainder of the afternoon is spent writing or replying to emails.  Once a month, I visit a village meeting and those days I return home past 11 pm.

Tuesday mornings I have a interview with visiting pastors.  This meeting lasts until 12:30 pm.  If I do not have a lunch appointment, I have some time to handle routine work.  From 6:30 pm, I prepare Living Life Bible Study and return home around 10 pm after the class.

On Wednesdays, after Morning Prayer, I read a book selected for the staff meeting, and participate in the staff meeting from 10:30 to 12:20.  After the staff meeting, I have time to care things which I need to handle until Wednesday evening worship.  If I need to preach during Wednesday evening worship, this time is spent to prepare for the sermon. After Wednesday worship, I normally pray until midnight.  Then I go home and spend time with my family, then I end up going to bed at 2 am.

Thursdays are my off days.  I sleep late and eat a late breakfast with my wife, help her with a few errands and then it is time to prepare for Sunday’s sermon.  Usually, I read the bible verse for the sermon and read other references to set up the outline.  That is my goal for Thursday.

Fridays, I spend all day to prepare for Sunday sermon and worship service including writing the pastor’s corner.  In the evening, I visit a house church and return home around 11 pm.  On Saturdays, we often have a deacon’s meeting or other church meeting.  I am involved in church bulletin preparation, filming of the weekly pastor’s word video and finishing up with sermon preparation, and then I get to go to bed after 10 pm.

On Sunday, I get up at 4 am to pray and to rehearse the sermon.  When three Sunday worship services are over, it is 5 pm.  If there is an Accept Jesus meeting, it is over at 7 pm.

Therefore, I only have Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons for my main work. But I still have many Meetings intervene, internet work, reviewing shepherd’s journals (which are about 130 journals per week), handling 30/day email, work related to house church ministry, reading the bible and other books on my to do list.  This workload is up to my neck and I can barely handle it, but it is not too difficult.  I guess that is because I am not stressed and have a happy ministry.  For this, I am very grateful.

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