Some of you may already heard through the home pages of SBCH and House Church Ministries International (HCMI), I have been elected to be the president of the House Church Ministries, North America (HCMNA).  Currently, Pastor Chai is the president of HCMI, but this organization will be divided into two divisions of North America and Korea.

The first reason for the division is because of the retirement of Pastor Chai.  He started the house church system and has promoted it in many countries by traveling all over the world.  However, after his retirement, there is no single person who can handle such a task, so it is considered to be the best to separate two areas to reduce the burden of the person.

The second reason is the difference in church culture between Korea and the North America.  Therefore, once separated, each can develop a model which fits better to its circumstances.  Because of these reasons, it is planned to establish an independent division for Japan and Australia once they have reached a certain size.  To maintain the unified spirit, there is a need for a leader to control all the divisions but the main engine of the ministry will be the local HCM.

Because of these reasons, two years before Pastor Chai’s retirement, the two new devision (Korea and North America) were established from September so that the new presidents could be trained under the guidance of Pastor Chai.

The fact is that I am not in a position to take such a responsibility.  I am fully occupied to handle tasks of senior pastor of Seoul Baptist Church and do not have much time to do anything else.  When Pastor Chai was the senior pastor, he delegated some work to me so that he could work on HCMI.  I thought, therefore, someday when I have a successor I can assign some work to him then I can work for HCMI.  Since there were several better qualified candidates, I did not expect that I would be elected, but it did not turn out that way.

After the vote was cast and when I heard the outcome of the election, I wanted to cry.  I prayed before God with heavy heart and asked Him, ‘What should I do?’  However, I understand that ministry work is not done by me but by God, and based on the previous experiences of all seemingly impossible tasks which were completed, if it is God’s will, our part is to obey.  With such a conclusion, I decided to accept.

God gave us the mission to establish a righteous church through the house church system.  This is not something to be delayed.  Through this event, it was confirmed one more time that this is the most important mission given to our church.

However, I would not let my ministry work to lax.  Of course, my current tasks need to be adjusted, but I will try not to have a vacancy in my ministry work.  I am sure that there will be more travel but I will try to keep it to a minimum and not more than a one-week absence at a time.  Your prayer for HCMI is greatly appreciated.



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