Claim of an ex-Muslim

Recently, president Obama claimed, “ISIS is not Islam nor represents Islam. This is clear from the fact the most of their victims are Muslim. Someone who used to be a Muslim, made a speech against president Obama’s words and it was placed on Youtube. Some of you may have watched it, but I do not think that there is any Korean translation for it, so I want to share the story with you.

The speaker’s father was an imam (Islamic pastor) and he practiced Islam for over 20 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in the study of religion and is working on his master’s degree on terrorism. His name is Lahid. He opens his speech, “Dear Mr. President. With all due respect, you totally do not understand ISIS. ISIS does definitely represent Islam. Abu Musabu, the leader of ISIS received a PhD in study of Islam, so he knows more about Islam than most people.

According to Lahid, ISIS currently has about 10,000 members. These are made up with people who know Islam very well and are extremely zealous for it from each country. They thoroughly follow the teaching of Mohamed to a point to imitate Mohamed’s style of hair, beard and clothing. To understand ISIS, reading a biography of Mohamed is highly recommended since their behavior follows that of Mohamed. For example, ISIS members kill Christians because Mohamed killed 600 – 900 Jews a day. Mohamed kidnapped Jewish girls to be his wives and ISIS members follow this example.

Lahid claims to understand terror, one needs to understand Muslim first. They keep the Koran’s teaching of hatred toward the enemy in their heart. The first chapter of the Koran, which they memorize and pray five times a day, is a resolution of cursing anyone whom Allah curses. The object of their curses is Jews, Christians, the western world and America. The place where the speaker grew up is Morocco, which is relatively mild in religion. Even then, whenever children go to Mosque, they are continuously brainwashed to hate those people.

In this way, ISIS teaches to destroy anyone including family members if they do not follow Islam or become converts. Because of their continuous promotion for hatred and anger toward the western world, terror is the natural outcome according to Lahid. Therefore, ISIS is nothing new but a continuation of Taliban and Al-Qaida. Even when ISIS is crushed, there will be 2nd or 3rd similar Islamic groups.

These days, Muslims are increasing even in Korea. They protest that Islam is a religion of peace and advocate that the brutal teaching of Koran is due to the incorrect interpretation along with lack of understanding of the historical background. However, people who grew up in Islam and who is very knowledgeable in Islam, speaks differently. They admit that Islam is more and more brutal as they follow its teaching. Koreans cannot understand Islam better than these people no matter how much they study Islam.

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