Christianity Is A Religion of Self Will

Christianity is a religion where you believe in the living God and experience His accompaniment of us in our life. Christianity is different from believing in an unknown god who is separated from me, but it is where we come to know of God who is inside us and becomes one with us to work in us. We continue to grow with experiencing the presence of God in us and are filled with His Fullness. The power of Christianity comes from His Presence in us.

When we feel the presence of God, and when we realize that His Grace is surrounding us, supernatural things happen around us. Characters that could not change begin to change, drinking and smoking habits that could not be stopped suddenly stops. We begin to forget an unforgettable action by a person who we could not forgive and we make a decision to forgive him. Any church where disciples are being made will be overflowing with similar testimonies.

We have to realize that these experiences will not begin with God himself. From the moment we accept Jesus, God lives in us. But until we repent our sins, make a determined decision to change, and make our best efforts to do so, God will be just watching us. I often see someone who prays to be able to forgive someone else and remove the hate from him. But until we decide to repent the sin of hating someone, to make a decision to not hate anymore, and continue to fight against that sin, God cannot work in us.

It does not mean that it can be achieved just with my decision and efforts. No matter how much we decide and try hard, if God does not work in us with His Power, it will not be possible to achieve it. In the end, ironically what we experience is 100% of Our God’s workusing 100% of our decisions.

When you request a prayer topic to resolve a problem that is tormenting you, I ask you to first examine to see if you truly want to be freed from this problem. Many times, we do not want to let go of the sin that is accompanying the problem or do not want to make any effort to do so, yet wonder ‘why does God not heal us from the problem’ and blame Him. Other times, we are so used to the sinful habits that we have lost the will to change. When this is the case, we have to pray to grow our will to make the change, and make an effort to do so.

It is the same with receiving Jesus into your life. Sometimes someone will ask to pray to give them the ability to believe, and I think this could be a case where he simply does not want to believe. Because he may have to give up a habit that he is greatly tempted with, or when he may not want to face certain responsibility, he may delay accepting Jesus into his life. But in the end, you have to realize that faith does not simply come about on its own, but that you can only obtain it with God’s grace when we make the decision to believe.

제가얘기하고자한의도는, 또아이러니라고얘기한이유는분명히 100% 하나님이하신일인데도들어다보면 (다른각도에서보면) 우리의노력이 100% 였다는의미거든요. ^^ 조금다르게번역할방법이없을까요?

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