Last week, from Monday to Thursday, I attended the house church conference.  This conference is to aid pastors who attended the seminar to successfully implement the house church system.  During the daytime, Life series of bible study was presented in an intensive format.  In the evening, we had case study, question and answer session and small group meetings to discuss various relevant issues.  On Wednesday afternoon, we had time to tour the city and for fellowship.  When the official schedule was over, regional leaders met for further discussions and dispersed late Thursday night.

Except for the few who could not make it because of hurricane Irma, 120 pastors participated in this meeting.  It was the first meeting I officiated as the president of House Church Ministries, North America (HCMNA), so the meeting has its own special meaning to me.  Even though Korean churches in the NA face their own challenges, I am grateful that many pastors strive to stand firm on principles, many good and healthy churches are sprouting and growing here and there and churches who can serve as models of house church, other than Seoul Baptist Church of Houston, emerged to my delight.

Resemblance-Christ Korean Baptist Church in Dallas hosted this meeting.  I could see much growth of house church spirit in this church.  It was good to see many young people among volunteers and their meticulous touch in setting up directions in the meeting place was impressive.  Through house church, serving becomes second nature.  The practice of serving works powerfully in time of need and helps to make the church to be one and it was vividly displayed.

As the president of HCMNA, to make a meaningful contribution, I believe it is important for me to have a good grasp of the current situation of Korean churches in the NA.  To do that, I need to visit various churches.  However it will not be easy because of my own church schedule, So, As a part of my speech as the president elect, I stated that I would be with them, if they invite me to pastor’s meeting by region. This meeting is normally held in Monday and Tuesday, so I can visit them less impacting my own church schedule.  Pastor Chai, who has served as the president of HCMI, presided and served in Korea so it was impossible to have a detailed observation of the needs of Korean churches in the NA.  I believe this is the task given to me.

After the conference, we will have president’s meeting for two days starting Sunday eveing.  The agenda of the meeting was to discuss how to work out three parties, HCMNA, HCMKorea, and HCMI.  Participants are Reverend Chai, Pastor Kunho Cho, newly elected president of HCMKorea, myself and Deacons Sung and Deacon Koo as Layman director for HCMI US and HCMI Korea.  For this purpose Pastor Kunho Cho visited Houston.  Since it is a good chance for the congregation to meet Pastor Cho, I asked him to give Today’s sermon.  Pastor Chai, Pastor Cho and Deacon Koo will return to Korea this week after the meeting.  Pastor Chai will stay in Korea until the end of this year before he returns to Houston.



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