A Strange Anti-Discrimination Bill

Recently, a new “anti-discrimination bill” became an issue in Korea. 66 Congressmen drafted and proposed this bill, and their intention was to protect the rights of the minorities. It sounds very good, but in fact it includes some serious issues. For example, this bill defines discrimination as any inequitable treatment based on religion, philosophy, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other reasons. So, if a church refuses to hire a homosexual pastor or staff, or if a church teaches that homosexual behavior is a sin, it can be punished under this bill. The bill specifies that violators of the law will be punished with a fine up to 10,000,000 won or imprisonment up to two years. After the initial breach of the law, if the same violator continues to break the law (if the church keeps teaching that homosexual behavior is a sin, for instance), the fine goes up to five times of the original amount. It seems that LGBT organizations’ effort to change people’s notion that homosexual behavior is not normal begins to bear fruit in Korea.

But as we know, homosexuality is not something genetic. It is something that comes about by environmental factors as we can see from the facts that it is found more often in cities than in rural areas, especially where people are more open to homosexuality. This shows that our sinful culture and environment has a lot to do with it. And the lifespan of gays and lesbians is about 30 years shorter than that of other people, risk of AIDS infection is more than 100 times higher, and suicide rate is more than 4 times higher. And many homosexual couples adopt children because they cannot have biological children of their own. I don’t even want to imagine how these children will grow up and what kind of impact these children will have on our society when they grow up.

Besides, since the “anti-discrimination bill” prohibits any discrimination based on religious orientation, if anybody speaks ill of Islam, which is spreading at an intimidatingly high rate in Korea, he or she will be punished under this bill. As we know, Islam has a tendency to promote violence. The Koran teaches Muslims to kill all of their opponents, and Islam reiterates that terrorism against other religions or murder of an apostate wife or child is the surest way to guarantee a place in heaven. Furthermore, Islam is notorious for its flagrant abuse of women’s rights. For example, many women have perished in a fire because they are not allowed to leave their burning building without wearing hijab. Talking about these things becomes discrimination and violation of the law under this bill.

Fortunately, last March, the “anti-discrimination bill” was opposed by many, and it did not pass. But since the draft was already made, it is very likely that it will return to the Congress again and again. Oppositions may be overcome one by one until it is finally approved. When I think about these things, I wonder if there is a huge dark power behind all these things, a power that wants to overturn our society. I also fear that our fight will be even more vicious. It is our responsibility as Christians to enlighten people and lead the good fight. But I worry because many people are prejudiced against Christianity. It is

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