A church that is thoughtful toward VIPs

A while back before I was a senior pastor, I met with the ministry team leaders one at a time at our church. I anticipated becoming quite busy once I became a senior pastor so I thought it would be a good idea to meet up with them while I had time so I could hear about what they had in mind and of the work they were doing. I met with the deacons and team leaders in charge and asked them to brief me on their work like people do at work when a new leader takes over the position. We mostly met at a restaurant and all of them were well prepared in their presentation, I was able to have a rough drawing on how each ministry was doing.

Now, this is a story from that time. I met with someone from the children’s ministry and one of their missions is ‘We take care of VIP’s child as best as we can so the VIP will want to come back.’ Their goal is that by taking care of the child as best as they can, the child will be picked up by his/her mother in a mood in which the VIP would not hesitate to come to church again. When I heard that, I was deeply moved. Our church is well-known for its high level of consideration toward its VIPs, but how can outreaching not be so successful when that kind of care can be found in every corner of this church?

Some people who do not know the story behind this might think those people are trying to entice new comers to register at our church. But we do not advertise about our church and there are less than 1 or 2 people who visit our church because they heard about it. Such care is the result of the pure consideration given to VIPs each Mokjang serves and of pure motivation to participate in outreaching together with Mokjas and Moknyus at our church to save souls. That is why it is even more touching. Also, when you continuously show such thoughtfulness to VIPs, it becomes a habit so that you become a kind and good natured person over time.

It is now September, the beginning of a new accounting year. Each ministry team has welcome meetings for new members where people can get to know each other and plan for the year ahead. I hope you will take this time to reflect upon some points. In what occasions do we encounter VIPs? When we are doing ministry at church, how might we appear to new comers? Are there areas we can improve to touch their hearts? I hope all of the ministry teams will take time to think about such questions because we easily get accustomed to existing culture and we might make customs or procedures that are uncomfortable to new comers. Also, please remember that what we say and do at church can either disappoint or impress new comers. I hope the whole church will be able to carry on the good custom of being considerate of VIPs.

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