Wii Just Need to Ask!

This past Thanksgiving week, other than eating a lot, our family (the guys mostly) spent much of our time playing the new Nintendo Wii video game system, which my brother-in-law John just bought. This system was just released and was pretty much sold out everywhere so the way my brother-in-law got his was pretty surprising…

He and my sister were shopping at a Sam’s Club the day the Wii came out, when right before leaving, my sister noticed a sign saying that they had 3 Wii systems available for sale. Assuming they were already sold out, John dismissed the idea of getting one, but my sister insisted that he ask anyways. So he approached an employee and asked if there were any Wii’s left by chance. To his surprise, all three were still available, but they were to be released at 10AM sharp and not any earlier. A space had been made for a line to form so that only the first three in line could get one. (If you saw the chaos surrounding the Playstation 3 release, you can see why lines are needed.) John looked where the line was supposed to start and noticed no one was there. So he went over and stood there with no one behind him. Here’s the conversation that followed:

John: “When will you be releasing the Wii for sale?”
Employee: “At 10AM.”
John: “Um, it’s 10:02 right now.”
Employee: “Oh, it is. Well, here you go!”
John: “Uh…thanks!”

And that’s how easy it was for him to get his brand new Wii system!

A lot of times, we miss out on God’s blessings simply because we do not ask. Our Heavenly Father is more than happy to give us what we ask for if we ask him with the right motives. (James 4:2) Instead of feeling like we have to fight other people in line to get what we want, let’s go directly to God, our Ultimate Giver, and see how generous He is!

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