Over the hEdge

Have you seen the movie, “Over the Hedge”? In it, we get an interesting look at humanity from the perspective of a small family of animals that has recently lost its natural habitat to a new subdivision. The animals, who lived on the little they could find, were amazed at not only how much food humans ate, but also how much food was wasted.

Indeed, we eat way, way, way too much – and still, we find ways of wasting tons of food. You see, most of us don’t even know when we’re full – we simply eat until the food in front of us is gone. This is why Chinese buffet restaurants do so well in America! But as much as we eat, we also waste immeasurable amounts of food. It’s sickening.

Did you know that people will actually eat less by simply using smaller plates? Yep. Research also shows that if you give people less variety (unlike those buffets), they will eat considerably less.

The most unfortunate thing, however, is not that we eat too much. The bigger problem is that as Christians, we eat so much physical food, yet we so often neglect our spiritual diet. We are getting fatter and fatter on the outside, while on the inside many of us remain “spiritually skinny.” So, what does our spiritual diet consist of? It’s a three course meal: reading God’s Word, prayer, and Christian fellowship. This is how we get spiritual nourishment!

Let’s start eating less physical food and more of the Good Stuff. In other words, let’s get “spiritually FAT!”

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