Get in the Game!

Have you ever seen the movie, “Rudy”? It’s a really inspiring true story of a man named Rudy Ruettiger, who despite all the odds against him, played football for the University of Notre Dame. You should really watch it, but to sum it up, Rudy would not have been able to fulfill his dream to play for Notre Dame if it were not for his relentless determination to get into at least one game. This was one guy who would not be satisfied while staying on the sidelines.

This month is our Ministry Rush Month and I’m so thankful for all of you who are involved in our student ministry. There’s no way we could do anything without you guys! But there are a lot of you who are not involved in any student ministry right now and the way I see it, you’re just kind of sitting on the sidelines while others are in the game. In other words, you’re missing out!

I want to encourage every one of you to join a student ministry team if you’re not already involved. God has given each of us a unique combination of gifts and talents that He desires and expects us to use for Him. If you’re musically gifted in any way, join the praise team! If you enjoy acting and being in front of people, join the drama team! If you’d like to help welcome our newcomers, join the care team! Those are just a few examples, but you get the point. No matter who you are and how you’re gifted, God can use you.

Let’s use what God has given us to serve Him by joining a ministry team. Don’t be content with being a “sideline” youth group member – Get in the Game!

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