Why Did Jesus Say, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”?

Apostle Paul quotes Jesus in Acts 20: 35, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Why did Jesus say this? He said it because it is true. The world thinks differently. They believe that it is more blessed to gain and be served than to give and serve. But those of us who have experienced the blessing of giving and serving know the meaning of Jesus’ words.

This past week, some moms came out to church with their children to prepare for VBS which begins tomorrow. They spent the whole week drawing, cutting up, building and painting props that will be used for VBS. They worked very hard from morning till late afternoon. God will remember and bless them for all that they have done when He sees them in heaven.

However, this is not the only blessing we experience when we serve God. On Friday at about 5PM, I got changed into shorts and shirts to go to a nearby park to run a little. When I was about to leave the church campus to run to the park, I saw from a distance one mom who has been serving all week long leaving in her minivan with her two kids. I paused and thought about her for a moment and prayed to God to bless her and her family for her faithful service. And then, I began to run. It was scorching hot. I quickly debated in my mind whether to turn around and come back to church. But I decided to keep running because I had a big lunch and felt the need to burn off some calories. God did remind me once again that I am living in the land of plenty where I can eat two days’ worth of meal not according to the US but the world’s standard in one sitting and then try to get rid of the fat by running. I have long ways to go in the area of self-control!

When I almost got to the park, I heard a bunch of kids behind me screaming something at top of their voice. When I turned around to see who they were, it was all those kids whose parents were at church serving all day to finish up with VBS preparation. That mom that I saw from a distance in the church parking lot was taking all those six or seven kids in her minivan probably to her place so they can have some more fun with each other. Their faces were filled with bright innocent smiles. And they were shouting, “Hi, Pastor Eric! We’ve been following you!” I guess they saw me stretching by the front entrance doors when they were in the minivan getting ready to leave. Their voices were music to my ears. In an age, when kids’ best constant companions are TV screens and computer games, these kids that came out to church because their moms were serving learned to TALK to their friends and ENTERTAIN themselves without TV or computer for eight hours by playing with each other. What a great blessing this is!

I really think this is one of the blessings of service that Jesus was referring to. When we serve God sincerely, our children get blessed as well. They don’t need to be entertained by the latest and fanciest technology. Instead, they learn to play with each other doing wholesome activities. Moreover, they see their parents serving and they will most likely follow their footsteps as they get older. They will learn to love God and serve His church with a joyful heart.

Furthermore, we build close friendship with others that goes beyond surface level as we serve God together with each other. We make positive memories that will stay with us for a long time. We use our time in a very productive way doing things that will last for eternity. And how can I not mention the joy of witnessing our children getting excited and blessed through VBS by all that we have prepared and done for them? After VBS is over, as we take down the props, clean up the place and think about how we can make it better for next year’s VBS, we will think to ourselves, “All that hard labor that I put in prior to VBS is well worth it! Jesus was absolutely right when he said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”

Some of us want to serve God but don’t know how, where or when. If this is you, please come and ask the staff. We are here to help you to serve because we want you to be blessed. Some of us are going through a busy season of life and can’t seem to do much for God’s church. If this is you, a little will do at this time of your life. Find something small, commit to it and do it faithfully. Some of you are chronically busy never having any time to serve. If this is you, evaluate your schedule and courageously cut something out so you can serve. And some of you just don’t believe what Jesus said is true. You say you believe but your actions tell otherwise. I pray that your eyes will be opened and see the truth of Christ’s words and start doing yourself an eternal favor!

VBS starts tomorrow! Let’s pray together for this year’s VBS and serve faithfully so that we can experience God!

Your pastor,


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