Update on My Eyes

Many of you are aware that I had another retinal detachment surgery two weeks ago when we had our annual Crawfish Boil. Since I have asked you and your children to pray for me to have a good recovery, I would like to share with you an update on my eyes.

My right eye, for which I had scleral buckle surgery on February 19, is healing okay. Even though I see many floaters and the detached vitreous constantly moving in my eye, which makes my vision blurry, the good news is that after two months of surgery, the retina remains attached. According to the doctor, there is a good chance that the retina will stay attached for life if it remains attached two months after surgery. I am thankful for this.

The condition of my left eye was a lot more severe. I had a retinal tear on April 5 which was taken care of by laser treatment. But when I went into the doctor’s office on April 20 to examine it because I sensed there is something wrong with it, I was told that there was about 40% detachment on the top and the bottom was getting detached as well. I had to get a scleral buckle and vitrectomy at the same time. Silicone oil was injected into my eye which is considered a hard cast. It usually stays in for about six months. Afterwards, it will be removed and the gas bubble, which is considered a soft cast, will be put in. It will eventually be dissolved in about eight weeks. Before all this happens, I will need to get cataract surgery on my left eye in August because the lens has gotten dirty due to the surgery and treatment.

We are hosting the House Church Seminar for Lay Leaders from October 25th to 27th. According to the doctor, anything can happen to my eyes including another tear or detachment, but I am planning to proceed with the seminar as scheduled. In order to accommodate the schedule, my doctor and I have tentatively decided to remove the oil in five months instead of six.

When I had the first retinal detachment surgery, I was somewhat sad because of what was happening to me. But I wasn’t too down because I had another good eye to fall back on. However, after the second more extensive surgery on the other eye, I have been more cautious, nervous and reflective on life.

In the midst of all this, I find many reasons to praise God. First of all, I praise God that I caught this before my macula, which is the central area of the retina, became detached. If the macula had detached, I would have lost my vision and become blind. Second, I praise God that both retinas didn’t get detached at the same time. If that happened, I would have been almost blind possibly for about a year, not being able to do much. Third, I praise God that the condition of my right eye was not as bad as that of my left eye. Fourth, I praise God that all this happened in the beginning of the year because it is now likely that all major follow-up treatments can be done before the year is over. If it happened in the middle of the year, it would have been financially very difficult for my family because we would have to meet the health insurance deductible twice. Lastly, I praise God that we didn’t have to cancel this year’s House Church Seminar for Pastors because along with Pastor Tae and Pastor Sam, so many New Life members stepped up and served big time making it a great success. I am still hearing many praise reports in regards to the seminar including how it all worked out even better without me being there! ☺

My work schedule obviously will need to change due to my physical condition at least for the next several months. I shared this with the Leadership Team members yesterday during our meeting. First, I will most likely come to work at 10AM and leave at 3PM to avoid driving in darkness and traffic. Second, Pastor Tae will take over my preaching responsibility for at least the next three months. We will evaluate this every three months for the next nine months until I recover. Other than this, I will be able to handle most of my other pastoral duties. I will need help getting home here and there, especially when I have to be at church late teaching Living Life Bible Study or leading the Shepherds’ Meeting.

Since the first two months after surgery are very crucial in the retina remaining attached, I would like to ask you and your children to pray for me until the end of June. My doctor is very pleased with the outcome of the surgeries so far. And I know that it is God who is working on my eyes in response to your prayers, especially when done with your children. Our God loves children and their prayers offered with pure faith.

Thanks for all the loving kindness you all have shown me and my family throughout these hard times. I am truly blessed to be your pastor.

Your pastor,


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