Three Axes (Three Essentials)

(This is what I posted on one of the pastors’ Facebook pages that I am a part of. I write things about New Life time to time to share with them what’s taking place here so that they will get curious about our church and will want to come and learn from us.)

There are three essential things that I emphasize to people at New Life to embrace if they want to grow spiritually. We call them Three Axes. They are:

  1.      Weekly house church on Fridays (We never skip house church. We show up unless we are dying on our deathbed!)
  2.      Weekday Bible Study on Mondays and Thursdays (People sign up to take what they need to take each semester. There are registration fees, deadlines, babysitting fees, homework, final exams, graduations and graduation awards. At times, people fail classes due to not meeting the class requirement in which case they need to take it again after going through the whole registration process in the following semesters.)
  3.      Sunday corporate worship service

It’s been said that human soul is made up of emotion, intellect and will. We feel. We think. And we act.

#1 is designed to minister primarily to our emotion.
#2 is designed to minister primarily to our intellect.
#3 is designed to minister primarily to our will.

Therefore, people at New Life seem to grow in a very holistic way. They feel, they know and they do.

My observation since the inception of New Life in 1997 has been that if people do these three well, they naturally grow and mature spiritually. We have many homegrown servant-leaders who first came to New Life as totally unchurched unbelievers whom we call VIPs. They are where they are right now because they have done a good job of doing these three essential things very well.

The new semester is starting not just in universities but at New Life as well. Our semester is in sync with school calendar for a very obvious reason.

This semester, we have 170 people who will be taking various different Bible studies. Thinking about the church parking lot being full of cars on Monday evenings for 13 weeks and Thursday evenings for 4 weeks gives me great joy!

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