Things to Remember for House Church Seminar

(This is from Pastor Lee’s “Pastor’s Column” last Sunday, which was translated by his daughter, Debbie Lee. I edited and modified it to make it applicable for New Life.)

House Church Seminar for Pastors will start this coming Tuesday. This time, 80 participants will come to KSC and 24 to ESC to learn about our house church ministry. I would like for us to remember several things as we prepare for the seminar.

The most important thing that persuades the pastors to do house church ministry is the sacrificial serving of our shepherds and members. A kind and respectful greeting at the airport, a deep conviction about house church ministry which gets unmistakably expressed through conversation, and attentive serving in every detail cause them to decide to do house church. These seemingly small things play vitally important role during our seminar.

Therefore, I would like for us to pay attention to these little details:

• Let’s help them with their baggage at the airport.
• Let’s open the car door for them.
• Let’s show them the needed places in the house upon arrival at home.
• Let’s place flowers and a welcome card on the bed.
• Lets’ prepare water and some sweets in their room.
• Let’s provide them with the internet password.
• Let’s place a clean towel on their bed every day.
• Let’s offer to do their laundry at midpoint during the seminar.

Another important thing that will help them to decide to do house church is our volunteers working in the church during the seminar. It is very inspiring for them to see many church members, young, old, men and women, working together in harmony and unity. Therefore, I urge you to volunteer to serve at least once during the seminar. If you are interested, please contact Tina Nguyen.

The house church meeting with the seminar participants should be done according to the standard format we follow each week. These participants are coming to us to learn and observe how we do things on a regular basis. Therefore, please do not deviate from the standard meeting.

Lastly, please come early for Sunday corporate worship not just for the seminar participants but for your sake as well. Come into worship center about ten minutes early to pray and prepare your hearts for worship. And when the worship begins, do your best to fully participate by singing with your loud and joyful voice, being attentive to the prayer that will be offered up to God, listening to the message as if God is directly speaking to you, placing your tithes and offerings in the basket thankfully and joyfully and singing the closing song with a strong commitment and resolve to live your life in the world as God’s children.

Please pray for the seminar all throughout the week that everyone who comes will experience what God has in store for them. And as a result, all the churches will be greatly impacted and revitalized to be built up in the spirit of the New Testament.

Thank you!

Your pastor,


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