Thank You, Bobby, for Your Service!

Starting from December, our praise team will be led by Sean Kim, who is our Magnification Team leader. He will be the one who will be overseeing the praise team ministry from recruiting the right people, to training them, to evaluating and improving its quality.

Bobby Bang, who has been serving the team for these past years, will step down and no longer serve as a team leader. It has not been easy, but after much prayer and sharing, we have arrived at this decision. He has done a great job of beginning and establishing the team to its current level. We are making this big transition in our church life due to his personal career pursuit and also spiritual gift matching. Let?s thank Bobby Bang for the past five years of his ministry at New Life!

Your pastor,


A word or 2 from Bobby Bang!

First of all, I?m not going anywhere! (Some of you are disappointed, eh? 😛 I?m kidding. 🙂 I?ve been with New Life Fellowship from the beginning because I believed that it would be a God-honoring church. And it continues to be just that, ?a church that strives to glorify God.? Pastor Eric has done a fine job shepherding this congregation to its current level of growth, both spiritually and numerically. I am honored to have been on staff working with Pastor Eric for so many years.

I?ve seen a lot happen here at New Life Fellowship in the last 5 plus years. Through it all, I?ve seen God?s hand working in many lives from the top down, to fine-tune His instruments for His Kingdom purpose.

As I look back I realize that I?ve served God in many different roles here at NLF, primarily as a praise team leader, and I hope that God has used me in some small ways to help some of you grow in Christ. But as I step down from my praise leader/staff position, I also sense that God?s hand has definitely been molding and making me personally into a more usable vessel for His glory. It?s not easy, and I?m still being stretched, as we all are. As a layman, however, I will prayerfully be taking on other ministry opportunities here at New Life/Seoul Baptist Church.

I guess the biggest change here would have to be my career pursuit, as earlier mentioned by Pastor Eric. I have started my own business, in which I now write children?s books, and tour elementary schools doing author visits, playing my guitar. I am having a blast entertaining, educating, and motivating kids to read and write! The great part is that I create my own presentations, where I can share biblical principles through stories I tell! At a recent school visit, one teacher came up to me and thanked me for speaking about ?grace? and what it means. (Of course, some people don?t have a clue that I am sharing biblical principles!)

Also, my band tokensWay, will be finishing production on our first studio CD by summer 2003. So needless to say, I will have plenty to do.

I want to close by saying a big THANK YOU! to all my friends(all of you) here at New Life Fellowship for their support, appreciation, and prayers for me and my music ministry. It hasn?t always been easy, and there were times I wanted to quit. But through God?s grace and the encouragement of my many brothers and sisters, I?ve not only made it this far, but I?m ?soldiering? for Christ.

Thanks again for a great ride, which hasn?t stopped! I love you.

Your friend,


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