Six-day Dinner Fasting and Early Morning Prayer

Our Fall Retreat is just right around the corner. And I am already getting excited about it especially since it is going to take place at Camp Allen which is only 45 miles from church. The facility is clean, calm and beautiful. It also provides some of the best meals I have ever tasted out of all the retreat centers I have been to in Texas.

More than all these, however, I am waiting for the retreat with great anticipation because it will be a great time of rest and rejuvenation. Singles from all the house churches will get to mingle with each other as they eat, converse and play games and sports together. Families will also get to spend time with their children away from all gadgets as they interact with other families. There will be lots of joy and laughter during the retreat and we will definitely experience some much needed rest.

Also, through all the praise, prayer and preaching of God’s word, our soul will be restored and rejuvenated. Our speakers for the retreat, James & Faith Cha, served the Lord in Muslim countries with their three children for more than 10 years. Now, they are living in Virginia still ministering to the Muslims in the area. The theme of the retreat is “Fear Not!” and they will speak to us about living courageously for the Lord in our world.

God has done some special things in our lives in the past through the fall retreats. And I expect nothing less from God this time. Therefore, we must prepare our hearts to meet God and be ministered to by Him during the retreat.

As a way of doing this, we will have six-day dinner fasting and early morning prayer starting from this afternoon at 3PM. We will fast six dinners from today till Friday which includes Friday house church meeting dinner. You can break each dinner fast with breakfast the following morning.

We will gather together at church for the early morning prayer beginning tomorrow from 5 to 6AM. Each day there will be a handout right at the entrance door to the sanctuary that has a Bible passage that I want you to read and take some time to reflect on as well as all the prayer needs that I would like for you to lift up to God. On Saturday, we will meet at 6:30AM to pray for an hour and then have a light breakfast together to celebrate and encourage one another.

Why do we fast and why do we pray? It is because fasting and prayer are signs of humility and dependence on God. When we depend on God, God gets pleased and works on our behalf. So I would like to invite hundreds of you to fast and come out to pray!

As New Life grows in number, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to have a church-wide retreat. And this may be the last, if not one of the last retreats, that we will have. Let’s do our best to prepare for it so that God can do some amazing things in our midst!

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