Pray for Churches in South Africa

We have been praying as a church that God will use New Life as a resource church in helping other churches to become a church in the spirit of the New Testament. This means we make ourselves available which includes our time, money and relationships.

About a year ago, there was an invitation from Missionary Enoch Lee in Johannesburg, South Africa for me and my wife to come and teach them about house church particularly to those churches whose pastors and wives attended our Pastors’ Seminar last year. He asked me to bring one shepherd couple along with me who can share their house church ministry experience with them. Joe and Mia Yoo will go with us this time. They will be going for one week, but my wife and I will have to go for two weeks. In order to serve in this capacity, Joe and Mia are using up their vacation days and entrusting their children to their family and house church members which must not be an easy thing to do since Sarah and Joey are still very young. But we do this because we have been praying and want to be used by God in helping other churches.

While we are there all four of us will speak at their Shepherds’ Retreat that will be attended by 110 shepherds and wives. On Sunday, we will spread to three different churches and give messages. After that, Joe and Mia will return home leaving there Monday and my wife and I will teach and serve during their Pastors’ Seminar from Tuesday to Sunday. We, then, will return home leaving there on Monday. There is no sightseeing, safari or going to Robben Island near the coast of Cape Town where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for many years. It’s going to be all work and ministry.

Please use the following items and schedule to pray for us each day.

  1. Pray for our traveling mercy and health. The flight from Atlanta, GA to Johannesburg, SA is one of the longest non-stop flight in the world. It’s more than 16 hours. Please pray that we will not get too tired from traveling especially going there since we will immediately have to minister to them when we get there.
  2. Pray that everyone at the retreat and the seminar will clearly understand the purpose and mission of the church which is to save the lost and make them disciples of Christ.
  3. Pray that house church shepherds and wives will be encouraged, inspired and challenged to be and do all that God has for them through the retreat.
  4. Pray for the local church pastors to commit themselves to lay down their lives to equip their members well so that God’s people will do the works of ministry.
  5. Pray for Missionary Enoch Lee to be greatly encouraged by us being and serving there.
  6. Pray for all four of us to be used by God as God’s mouthpieces.
  7. Pray for our children, work and ministry to be well taken care of by God while we are gone.

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