Pastor’s Requests to All the Parents of JCS

I praise God for what has been taking place in our children ministry, Joshua Cross Stars (JCS), over the past two years. Pastor Jaemo has been working very hard to develop and put structure and system into this ministry and we are reaping and enjoying the benefits of his and many faithful volunteers labor in the Lord. Let’s remember to pray regularly for JCS, Pastor Jaemo and his family and volunteers.

In order for us to continue to have a great children’s ministry here at New Life, however, we the parents must do our part as faithfully as we can realizing the significance of our children’s spiritual growth. As I shared with you last Sunday, I believe that our children’s spiritual growth is more important than anything else in this world.

Therefore, I would like to humbly yet firmly make these requests to all the members of New Life who drop off their children to JCS.

1. When your infant child is about four months old, please begin dropping him/her off at our nursery. It is important for you to participate fully in worship without having to worry about your child for you to be fed and nourished spiritually. Otherwise, you will not have much to give to your child. And dropping off your child to JCS nursery is a sign of trust and we would like for you to trust JCS in taking care of your child.

2. If you are a Christ follower and became a member of New Life, please get into JCS ministry rotation system and worship with your child as you also serve your child and his/her friends. It??s an awesome opportunity to learn to minister better to your children’s age group. We have faithful and hardworking volunteers who love and serve your children. But we the parents will need to be the main source of volunteers. One good news is that I have heard your suggestion stating that serving one month in JCS out of every three months is a little too frequent! We are in the process of changing the rotation system from the new school year to be one month out of every four months. In order for this to happen, we will need some more singles and the married without children to catch the vision and volunteer. I trust that they will step up to do this.

3. When it is your turn to serve and worship with your children, make sure you come to JCS volunteers worship led by Pastor Jaemo at 10AM in the Gym Lounge. Again, if you don’t get fed spiritually, you will not be effective in serving your child and his/her friends. We don’t accept teachers in our public schools who are not well prepared. How much more should we expect from ourselves when it comes to teaching our children God’s Word? If, for an urgent reason, you cannot come to worship at 10AM and serve in JCS when it is your turn to do so, please be responsible and inform Pastor Jaemo no later than Wednesday of that week!

4. Let’s teach our children to stay at our side and not roam around during praise in order to show respect to God and others who come to worship. Children coming to the front to worship God and dance before the Lord is great!

5. In order for us to be an example to our children and teach them how to show respect to God, we will need to fully participate during worship and praise. This means we don’t sit in the back, chatting with our friends while praise or prayer is going on!

6. Let’s come to worship at least 10 minutes before to check in our children at JCS tables and to settle down to be prepared to enter into God’s presence together with our children.

I know it is not easy raising our children, but if we do it the right way, we will enjoy the benefits of it in the future! Besides, our children are watching us to see if our walk with God is real or not. Moreover, our singles, who are preparing themselves to become parents themselves one day, are watching us to see how we are parenting our children. Let’s remember that we have a shaping influence on many.

After a few months, Pastor Jaemo and I will evaluate your response to these requests that I am making to you today, and based on how you are doing I will make home visitations to some of you. I am hoping that I don’t have to visit any of you for the purpose of admonishing you to do a little better! 🙂

All in all, you have done a great job so far. I am simply asking you to do even better from now on! Let’s not lose our children to our enemy. He is working 24/7 to hurt and destroy our precious children. We must be vigilant in praying for and raising up our children the way God desires! And I believe that our JCS has been doing a great job so far!

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter!

Your pastor,


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