Parking at Reed Elementary

As I briefly mentioned in my message last week, starting from next Sunday, 11/20, we (New Life) will be parking our cars at the Reed Elementary School parking lot that is on Tami Renee Lane. For the past several months, due to the shortage of parking spaces the Korean Speaking Congregation’s (KSC) first worship attendees have been asked to leave the church as soon as their worship was over at about 10:45AM. This policy has allowed New Life and the KSC’s second worship attendees to be able to park our cars on our church parking lot and be able to worship at our respective worship times at 11 and 11:45AM without experiencing too much parking trouble.

However, after the expansion of their worship center and the fellowship hall, the KSC’s first worship attendees are asking if it would be okay for them to stay at church for an hour after worship to eat and fellowship with one another. This is a very legitimate request. But for them to be able to do this, New Life will need to park our cars at the Reed Elementary School parking lot because there is no way that all three groups can be at the church with their cars at the same time. If we could have the KSC’s first and the second worship attendees park their cars on the campus and New Life on Reed Elementary it will simplify everyone’s life.

The KSC has been sacrificing quite a lot for New Life by asking their first worship crowd to leave the church immediately after worship and also allowing us to use the gym as our worship center for the past four years. Now it is time for us to sacrifice and show them how much we appreciate their generosity and understanding towards our ministry.

As we plan to park our vehicles on Reed Elementary School parking lot beginning next Sunday, please remember the following:

1. Remember there are three parking areas where you can park: an area that is behind the school, an area that is in front of the school, and both sides of the street on Tami Renee Lane. Parking on the street on Sunday is legal.

2. Respect all the parking rules such as not parking in handicap parking spots if you don’t qualify, near fire hydrants, etc.

3. Whether you get to church before or after 11AM, please first go to the Reed Elementary School parking lot, check all three parking areas to see if there is any space left. If you see an open spot, please park there and walk to the gym.

4. If these three parking areas are completely full, you could park your vehicle on the gravel parking lot on the church campus.

5. Plan on coming to church at the latest by 10:40AM. This will give you enough time for you to park your car in the Reed Elementary and come to the gym before worship service begins.

6. This policy will apply to everyone including singles, married, married with kids as well as for those who come to church early on Sunday to set up and prepare for worship.

7. As you park your car in the school parking lot and walk across the field, please remember to pray for our future building and the To Gain More building project.

There is no doubt in my mind that all of you will be very understanding and cooperative in following this direction because New Life is a very teachable and receptive congregation. Some of you have been doing this already for many months ever since I told all the singles and the married couples without kids to park there due to the parking congestion we began to experience on the church campus, and I am very grateful for your enthusiastic willingness to obey and follow.

Once again, if we go through this transition and our To Gain More building project with positive and joyful heart, God will bless and honor us by using us greatly for His kingdom work!

Your pastor,


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