New Church Building Clean Up on Saturdays!

Based on our building construction schedule, we just have three more months before we can move in and occupy the building. This is exciting!

All of you have been very faithful with your “To Gain More” building pledges. We have about twenty more months to go and I trust that you will remain faithful to God with your finances as you sacrificially fulfill your commitments.

Now it is time for us to demonstrate our faithfulness to God with our time. We would like to start new church building clean up Saturdays beginning next Saturday until we move in and everything is completely finished. And we will do this based on our village system.

We have five villages in New Life plus our youth group, which makes it six, and we are looking at 15-20 Saturdays of clean up. This means each village will get to serve about three Saturdays every six weeks. The following is the order of clean up schedule we are going to follow:

3/17 Sean’s village
3/24 Pastor Tae’s village
3/31 Joe’s village
4/7 Youth Group led by Pastor Sam
4/14 Daniel’s Village
4/21 John’s village

Some of you may wonder why we are doing this instead of hiring people to do the clean up. Let me give you seven reasons.

It will allow me to see the progress of the building project as I clean up inside and outside the building.
It will help my church save money as I do some physical labor.
It will help me to get to know those in my village as I clean up and fellowship with them.
It will remind me to pray for the building project and New Life’s future ministry in the new building.
It will create in me a greater sense of ownership and loyalty to God’s church.
It will help me to invest my time in God’s kingdom.
It will make me a humble servant as I do a menial task.

Please use the following information to better prepare yourselves for the upcoming Saturday church clean up ministry.

Which village is responsible for March 17 clean up? Sean Kim’s!

What are the hours of clean up this Saturday? From 4 to 6PM!

What do I need to bring? Shovels, push brooms, work gloves (please buy a pair of gloves from Home Depot since you will be using it several times)!

Who will provide drinks for us? Each village will come up with a plan!

Could we replace our house church meeting with this Saturday church clean up ministry? The answer is NO! ? I do not want us to so easily skip or replace our weekly house church meeting with events like this! Easy training will produce weak soldiers and intense training will produce tough soldiers! (2 Tim. 2: 3-6)

Thanks everyone for serving God’s church with your time! As you serve Him with your time, He will increase your heart for His kingdom!

Your pastor,


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