My Dream Car

If you go out to the parking lot and look at the spot where I usually park my car, you will see a brand new gray Honda Accord SE. Yes, that’s mine.

On Monday I got a call from a member in the KSC. After letting me know who he was and greeting me very respectfully, he began his conversation by asking me, “Do you remember what happened six years ago?” I knew exactly what he meant. Realizing that the minivan I was driving was very old and breaking down frequently, he wanted to buy me a brand new Honda Accord, which is my dream car, so I can devote more of my time in ministry and message preparation. I fought very hard to refuse the gift but he was relentless. After going back and forth for a few weeks, I finally gave in and decided to take the offer. He was extremely happy and had the car ready for me to pick up at a dealership.

On the way to the dealership to pick up the car, however, I started to feel uneasy about getting it at that particular time in my life. New Life was about to launch a building campaign. I was praying and preparing myself to challenge New Life to give sacrificially so we can be debt free in three years and experience God in huge ways we have never experienced before. It was a very critical time in New Life history. And I didn’t think it was going to be helpful or encouraging for New Life that I receive a brand new car even as a gift. It just was not the right time for me to enjoy good things in life. It was time for me and New Life to tighten our belt and live frugally so we can give sacrificially for the work of God. Even if no one from New Life would have minded me receiving the gift, I just didn’t feel right. So, when I got to the dealership, after finding out that a refund is possible, I told the sales person that I am not taking the car and walked away.

When the person who offered me the gift found out that I didn’t take it, he wrote me a letter saying that he was very sad and even depressed. Six years later, this past Monday, he offered me the same gift again.

Several thoughts quickly went through my mind when I was on the phone with him. “I have been looking at different used cars recently because my family and I do need a decent car since all our cars are pretty old.” “Just a day before at our home, I talked about the importance of finance in marriage to four couples that are taking pre-marital class that my wife has been teaching. I stressed the importance of being generous towards God because everything belongs to Him and we can show our love for Him through our giving.” “In the chapter titled, ‘Service,’ Richard Foster, in his book, ‘Celebration of Discipline,’ talks about the service of being served. Perhaps I need to practice this service to serve him.” “And what if God has told him to give me the car so God can take care of my needs through him? If that is the case and I refuse him this time, then I am not giving him an opportunity to obey God. Furthermore, if I truly believe that it is more blessed to give than to receive, then I am taking away from him a great opportunity to be blessed by God through his generous act of kindness shown to me.”

With all these thoughts going through my mind, I gratefully decided to receive the gift from him. He was genuinely very happy because this time his gift was not refused or rejected.

I am speechless because I have just experienced God’s faithfulness in my life in an impeccably timely manner. I am reminded once again that God’s words are always true and His promises will always be fulfilled if we seek His kingdom and His righteousness first. He knows what we need and when we need it. And He loves to take care of His children who faithfully go about doing His business. As we serve God with the little we have, He takes care of us in an abundant way. This is who our God is!

I know that I am not the only one who is experiencing God this way. Many of you have stories to tell that will testify about God’s faithfulness!

Let’s continue to trust in God with childlike faith and serve Him diligently for His kingdom. And then, let’s sit back and watch Him do His thing in the way He alone can!

Your pastor,


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