How to Share Testimony during Worship

When we complete New Life Bible study classes or one-on-one discipleship Bible studies we have people share their testimonies during Sunday worship about how they are blessed or impacted by them. In order to help you share your testimonies well here are some guidelines.

Sharing testimony is bragging about God. It is bragging about God who has given us much grace. Therefore, it is a right thing to share testimony with others when God has given us much grace.

Your testimony should have three parts: your life before you took the class, how you have been blessed by the class and your life after the class. When you share about your life before the class, don’t spend too much time talking about the background in detail. Only mention what is directly tied to the main theme of your testimony. Avoid being vague but describe the condition of your life before you took the class by using real life examples.

When you share how you have been blessed by the class, it is always good to be very specific so others can use what you share in their life practically. In other words, your testimony should be able to answer their question, “How can I be blessed in the same way as you have been blessed?”

When you touch upon the third part of your testimony, please compare your life condition before and after the class. It will become very effective if you talk about the greatest change that you see in your life now that you didn’t see before the class. Real life examples will key in to make it dynamic and life giving.

For instance, let’s say that you used to view God as a fearful being but through the class you have come to realize God is love and you have begun to love Him also. In sharing this, talk about what your life was like when you were afraid of God by using a real life example. If there was a reason why you were afraid of God, briefly explain. Then, share about how the class has helped you not just in getting rid of this unhealthy fear of God but also in loving Him. Then, talk about how you are living your life as you love God by sharing a real life situation.

You will be given 5-7 minutes to share your testimony. In order to prepare your testimony well, however, first, write down all you want to share on paper without being limited by time. Then make your testimony to be 5-7 minutes long as you practice saying it several times and take out parts that are not as essential. You can take your written testimony to the stage, but instead of just reading it share it as if you are talking with people. Please remember that time goes by fast when you are on the stage. You may feel like you have only spoken for a few minutes but ten minutes go by very quickly. Keep within the time limit, enjoy, giving glory to our great God who has done this work in you!

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