Finding Our Next Children’s Pastor Together

We will need to look for our next children’s pastor because Pastor Chae’s last day with us will be July 30. I would like for us to find our new children’s pastor together. How?

Our desired goal to find the children’s pastor is by the end of this year if not beginning of next year. In the meantime, Eugene Byon will serve as an interim ministry coordinator until we find the person.

Also, we will create an Advisory Committee who will participate in the interviewing process of our potential candidates. This committee will be made up of 5 to 7 people consisting of current children’s ministry core leader(s), a single volunteer, parent volunteer(s) and a team leader who will serve as a liaison between the committee and Leadership Team.

Furthermore, we will have Family Meeting on June 25 in the Blue Room where New Life members can come and share their thoughts, ideas and desires in regards to our children’s ministry and the qualities of our next children’s pastor. We will not be able to heed to everyone’s wishes and desires but we will definitely listen, hear you out and then do our best to incorporate them in looking for our next children’s pastor.

Pastor Chae will write down and share with the Leadership Team all that he has been doing as the children’s pastor. This will get combined with what we will collect from Family Meeting, and our next children’s ministry pastor’s ministry description will be created by Leadership Team. Once this description is completed, Pastor Eric will use it to post the ministry opportunity at New Life on several pastoral websites and Facebook pages that he has connections with.

When we get strong candidates, we will begin to interview them. The Advisory Committee will be the first to interview these candidates. Then, with their comments, suggestions and recommendations, the Leadership Team and Pastor Eric will the do the final interview(s) and then prayerfully make the final decision that will be beneficial for the whole church.

How can you take a part in finding our next children’s pastor?

First, pray. Pray that we will be able to find a humble, teachable and hardworking pastor who will be fully on board with New Life’s vision and who will have great working chemistry with Pastor Eric, Pastor Jabez, Lisa, Sang and Lang. Pray that we will be able to find someone who is passionate about working with children and their parents. Pray that we will be able to find someone who is very creative and talented who can take our children’s ministry to the next level. Pray that your hearts will be ready and well prepared if you are planning to come and participate in Family Meeting on June 25.

Second, come to Family Meeting to listen to others and also share your thoughts that God has placed upon your heart during your prayers.

Third, do your best to show your deep appreciation for Pastor Chae and his family. Pray for him to transition well into his next ministry assignment from God.

Fourth, pray for the Advisory Committee, Leadership Team and Pastor Eric to do a great job of interviewing the candidates and discerning which person should be our next children’s pastor.

Fifth, when the decision is made and the candidate is chosen after this careful and prayerful search process, please show your absolute respect and commitment to the next children’ pastor who will come to New Life to be a part of our family.

I believe that God has greater things in store for us and will allow us to do even more amazing things than ever before if we humbly trust and follow Him. As we go through this transition, let’s cover New Life, the body of Christ you personally belong to, with much prayer. Patient and persistent prayer wins.

Thank you!

Your pastor,


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