Changes in Our Staff

There will be some changes taking place in our staff in the near future. As you know, we have been looking for an administration assistant for some time now. As a result, Phil Shin, our Missions Team Director, has been taking care of much of the administrative responsibilities for some time. We are in serious need of finding someone soon with the gift of administration so that the pastoral staff can focus on and fulfill their ministries that God has given them. This will help New Life to be strengthened and grow even more.

After much prayer, Phil recently has been sensing that God is leading him and his family to overseas missions for possibly a year or so some time next year. When this happens we will need to find another person who will serve the church as Missions Director. Phil has been casting the vision to his core members and was in the process of training someone to take his place. But there was a conviction in our hearts that we should get someone who could be devoted full-time to our Missions Team because we are convinced that God wants New Life to continue to be evangelistic and missions minded.

During the period when the team leaders were praying for this situation, Pastor Jaemo approached me and let me know about his pastor friend named Tae Pae in Maryland whose desire is to find a place in a local church where he can serve God as a missions pastor. His ministry for the past fourteen years as a youth pastor, children’s pastor, college group pastor and English-speaking congregation pastor has always included a strong element of community outreach, evangelism and missions. He also spoke at our youth group winter retreat this past year.

With this information I approached Phil and asked him to pray about possibly focusing on our administration work for the next one year to put in a better system before he goes off to the mission field. After praying for a couple of days with Joy, Phil came back to me saying, ??whatever is good for the church, I will do it.??

A little more than a month ago I contacted Pastor Tae and asked him to come to New Life for an interview. On Saturday, 6/3, the Leadership Team gathered together and interviewed him and his wife, Kathleen. After the interview was over, the team leaders unanimously sensed that it was God who brought Pastor Tae to New Life and we gave him an invitation to serve as our Missions Pastor. He has until 6/19 to respond back to us. If Pastor Tae accepts this position, he will serve as the Missions Pastor starting on September 1st of this year and Phil will remain on staff as the administration assistant. Please remember them in your prayers.

Regarding our Ministry Team, headed by Suny Liaw, this team has been focusing on community service and outreach. But this will also change beginning this fall. We will place this aspect of the Ministry Team’s ministry under Missions Team and will have the Missions Team be in charge of it. Our Ministry Team, on the other hand, will focus on helping New Life members discover their God-given SHAPE (an acronym for Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personalities, Experiences!) and connecting them to right the places of ministries so that everyone will be fulfilled and fruitful as he/she serves God. I am personally very excited to see what will come out of this change!

Lastly, I have been asked by Pastor Chai to be responsible for the whole church’s youth ministry beginning this June. As a first step, the team leaders and I interviewed Sam Oh in May and we have decided to ask him to serve the KSC and ESC as youth pastor. Pastor Paul Lee will be taking on the Korean-speaking congregation’s children’s ministry as Pastor Lim, who is the current KSC’s children’s pastor, is leaving the church in August to serve at another church in San Jose, CA. From now until August will be a transitional period for Sam. I would appreciate it very much if you could fervently pray for Sam and his wife, Gina, and encourage them with words and service.

I am very grateful to God for putting all the puzzle pieces together for our staff in such a beautiful way. How our God works is just fantastic and amazing. In His perfect time He brings just the right people from thousands of miles away to the right places in such a refreshing and surprising way!

I would like to thank all our Leadership Team members for their faithful and sacrificial service that only God knows about. These are the names of our Leadership Team members. Please respect and honor them and do your best to pray for them.

Membership Team (Harold Yi)
Maturity Team (Daniel Lim)
Ministry Team (Suny Liaw)
Missions Team (Phil Shin)
Magnification Team (Nathan Kim)
Administration Team (Sean Kim)
Life Development Team (Jaemo Park)

Your pastor,

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