A Beautiful Poem

Besides preaching God’s word and praying for New Life, my responsibility as a pastor is to equip you so you could become mature followers of Christ, serving at the right places of ministry. To do this, I often help you discover your spiritual gifts, provide ways to develop them, and then deploy you in the right places of ministry where you can fully express who God made you to be.

I have known Jennifer Griffin for the past several years and have noticed that God has gifted her with the ability to express herself through writing. I have encouraged her to pursue it more wholeheartedly to honor God and also to build up the body of Christ.

Last Sunday when I heard Jennifer reading her poem during worship, I was very touched and blessed by it. After getting her permission, I am sharing it with all of you. Hopefully many more songs, poems and essays will come from Jennifer in the near future to resonate and magnify God’s glory!

Your pastor,


Choir of the Least
by jennifer griffin

We saw the face of God
In the faces of the least, the discarded, the throw aways
Whatever you do for the least of these, you do unto me Jesus said.
It wasn’t us who gave to them
It was us who were given a glimpse of the Almighty
Through their weathered, wrinkled, love-scarred faces
We were shown what it is to see Jesus
In the faces of the ones the world rejected
In the faces of the ones the world feared and shunned

From the day of Christ to even this day now
All they longed for was a family, a loving touch, a life in this world
Yet, the world was not big enough to give it to them
But our Father is big enough and will give to them one day these things
We pray with all our hearts, their faces forever imprinted there
That one day we will see our new friends
Standing hand in hand, as brother and sister
In a new place
Where every wound will be no more
Where every scar, every disfigurement will be kissed away by the face of God
Where every longing touch will be met by His own nail-pierced hands
Where every hurt, every tear, every pain will be drowned out by the
Glorious sound of the choir of the least
Praising His fearsome and holy name
They are beautiful
Yet this world is too ugly to see their beauty
But He sees it
And He let us see it
What an honor
What a true, undeserved privelege
To behold this beauty
Hidden in the mountains, like a treasure in the dust

Pray for them
They are old, they are weak, but they are strong in spirit
Pray that they would know the love of the Father
That they would know the saving grace that awaits them
Before time runs out, pray for them
So that you too may see their faces one day in heaven
And so that we may introduce you to them
Our new friends
More beautiful than you could ever imagine

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