Giving her full-time devotion to NLK ministry

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December 5, 2021

One of the greatest joys and blessings from God that I have been experiencing and enjoying in the recent years is that we have added amazing pastoral staff who are on the same page as I am and respected and appreciated by all the members of New Life. It is incredibly refreshing for me to see Pastor Jabez serving as our youth group pastor, Pastor Sang as our college ministry pastor and Pastor Mia as our children’s ministry pastor. God has truly blessed New Life with these amazing pastors who are diligently equipping and building up students and parents to do the works of ministry. New Life is in good hands!

Similar to how Pastor Sang has transitioned out from his house church shepherding ministry in order to give his full-time attention to our college ministry, Pastor Mia will do the same for our children’s ministry starting from middle of January next year. Please read what she wrote below to learn about what is in store for New Life families with NLK children.

“As Joe and I transition out of our house church shepherding role, we took time to reflect on the past 20/17 years of house church shepherding, and we both said they were the BEST years of our lives. We have been immensely blessed to witness salvations, multiplications, and so many changed lives in Christ, especially ours! Through house church ministry, we are so honored to have the trust and love of so many families at New Life, especially within our village and town. Joe will still be serving as a Village and Town Leader.

In my role as Children’s Pastor, I have 3 groups that I minister to: the children of New Life, teachers and volunteers, and parents. I teach God’s word to New Life children every Sunday, recruit and train new teachers and volunteers, and equip parents to be the primary spiritual mentors for their children at home through parenting classes.

After 3 years in this role, I have learned that the best way to impact the faith of our children is to equip their parents to disciple them at home. I only see the kids once a week, but parents have 7 days a week to impact the faith of their children. Therefore, Joe and I will be transitioning out of our house church shepherding role, to visit house churches with New Life children, so we can better equip parents to disciple their children at home.

Joe will be leading the Family Systems Ministry of New Life Kids, by teaching parenting classes and equipping fathers to lead family worship at home and build stronger heart connections with their children, so they can pass their faith down to the next generation.

We plan to visit each house church with children, once a year, to have a

“Family House Church” night. We will model family worship: eating, singing songs, age appropriate word time, prayer for our children, and ending the night with family games. We will also take this time to get to know the families at New Life and answer any questions they may have about shepherding their children.

As we serve together with parents in NLK during parent rotations, equip parents through parenting classes, and do life together during our house church visits, we hope to strengthen the family systems at New Life, so that our children will love the Lord our God with all of their heart and with all their soul and with all their strength.”

God is doing something very special in all of our groups: adults, college, youth and children. Let’s continue to remain faithful to Him and serve Him with deep humility and gratitude.

Your pastor,


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